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Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless

Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless
A lot of things have been said about WebAssembly inside of the browser; after all, that's why it was originally created. But a new case is emerging as well, and that's WebAssembly on the server. More specifically, we're seeing a rise of support for WebAssembly in serverless application platforms, combining two brand-new technologies together. We're also seeing a lot of growth of the Rust programming language, and its close alignment with WebAssembly. In this talk, Steve will talk about Rust, WebAssembly, serverless technologies, and how it all fits together.

About Steve Klabnik:

Steve is on the core team of Rust, leads the documentation team, and is an author of The Rust Programming Language. Klabnik is a frequent speaker at conferences and is a prolific open source contributor, previously working on projects such as Ruby and Ruby on Rails.