Sean Larkin

Webpack co-creator and maintainer. Technical Manager at Microsoft.

Breaking [not so] Bad: What's new in webpack 5 and how you can prepare!!

Sep 6, 10:25 — 11:10

One of the most important things to the webpack project is our our users, the ecosystem, and companies that rely on webpack. As we speak, webpack 5 is in Alpha Status and we are preparing to release our Beta candidate! Join me as I talk about what amazing features are in store for webpack 5, the rational behind our breaking changes, and how you can prepare for upgrading from 4 to 5. We'll talk about what is to come in the horizon and how you can get involved!

About Sean Larkin:

Sean Larkin is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Edge DevTools and maintainer of webpack. Outside of work, he works with Fortune 500 companies helping them change their culture for Web Performance, Open Source, and embracing emerging technologies.
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