Ellen Chisa

Cofounder of Dark, engineer, recovering PM, pinball wizard

A programming language for a continuous delivery world.

Shared servers with PHP/Perl allowed editing a site’s source code even while users were active. Programming directly in production like this is the tightest possible development loop, with immediate feedback which brings a sense of joy to programming. But it also raises a visceral fear of breaking production traffic, losing data and transactions, and harming users.

What would it look like to build a modern language so we could still code live, but do it safely?

About Ellen Chisa:

Ellen Chisa is the Cofounder & CEO of Dark, a holistic programming language, editor, and hosted infrastructure.

In a previous life, she was VP of Product at Lola and a Product Manager at Kickstarter. She published a book of essays on Product Management and continues to write at https://ellenchisa.com.