4 days, 3 workshops,
18 mind-blowing talks.

Note: This schedule is temporary and might get changed at any time until the date of the event.

9:00 — 9:25

☕️ Coffee

9:30 — 9:45


9:45 — 10:25

Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless

A lot of things have been said about WebAssembly inside of the browser; after all, that's why it was originally created. But a new case is emerging as well, and that's WebAssembly on the server. More specifically, we're seeing a rise of support for WebAssembly in serverless application platforms, combining two brand-new technologies together. We're also seeing a lot of growth of the Rust programming language, and its close alignment with WebAssembly. In this talk, Steve will talk about Rust, WebAssembly, serverless technologies, and how it all fits together.
10:25 — 11:10

Bringing WebAssembly outside the web with WASI

The appearance of WASI has taken the web by storm. As Solomon Hykes, co-founder of Docker, said, "If WASM+WASI existed in 2008, we wouldn't have needed to create Docker. That's how important it is. Webassembly on the server is the future of computing."
11:10 — 11:40


11:40 — 12:20

Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to Your Automation Framework

In this talk, you'll learn how visual validation works, see a live integration into an existing test code base, and discuss the pros and cons of using various visual validation techniques.
12:20 — 13:00

It’s Probably Fine

What's the difference between a functional team and a failing team? How do we make a failing team functional, and a functional team great? Let's talk about layers of communication, why outcomes are more important than process, and how to figure out where to begin - and whether you should.
13:00 — 14:30

🌮 Lunch

Free lunch provided by the conference with a selection of 20+ different plates. Vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options are available.
14:30 — 15:10

(Programming Languages) in Agda = Programming (Languages in Agda)

Join Philip in his introduction of the Agda Programming language, while he explains the most profound connection between logic and computation, which is purely a pun.
15:10 — 15:50

The Future of Web Animaton

We talk a lot about how to animate on the web, and what’s possible in browsers today, but where is animation heading? In this talk, we'll find the intersection of health and animation with biofeedback sensors and Vue, the future of 3d in the browser complete with interviews with people who are writing these specs.
15:50 — 16:00

Second day closing

17:00 — 20:00

🏖 Beach Party 🎉

An amazing party by the beach including a volleyball match, free drinks, and astonishing views.

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