4 days, 3 workshops,
18 mind-blowing talks.

Note: This schedule is temporary and might get changed at any time until the date of the event.

9:00 — 9:25

☕️ Coffee

9:30 — 9:45


9:45 — 10:25

Why p2p deserves another chance

May of us remember peer-to-peer networking from the days of Napster, file-sharing, and Metallica lawsuits. Was that all that p2p was good for? What if we used it to host Websites instead? In this talk, we'll look at how p2p can be applied to the Web and what benefits we can gain from it: from sharing costs, to data privacy, to open source, and beyond.
10:25 — 11:10

HTTP/3 - HTTP over QUIC is the next generation

HTTP/3 is the designated name for the coming next version of the protocol that is currently under development within the QUIC working group in the IETF. Learn how HTTP/3 improve upon HTTP/2 and how that's relevant today.
11:10 — 11:40


11:40 — 12:20


12:20 — 13:00


13:00 — 14:30

🌮 Lunch

Free lunch provided by the conference with a selection of 20+ different plates. Vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options are available.
14:30 — 15:10

⚡️ Lightning Talks

15:10 — 15:50
17:00 — 20:00

👋 Get Together

Hang out with the rest of the attendees in a venue nearby and let the talks sink in.

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