Full Stack Cast

A closer look at the humans behind Full Stack Fest

The humans behind Full Stack Fest, the leading web development conference in Barcelona for /[front|back]/ end developers. Interviews with our amazing speakers about technology, life and the things that make us tick.

Paul Frazee: Protecting our civil rights with the P2P web

In this episode, Paul Frazee discusses how the P2P web could help solve some of the trickiest problems of the Internet age, and how it can protect us from censorship and improve content moderation at the same time. As the creator of the Beaker Browser, Paul also aims to democratize website authoring, remove accidental complexity from deployment and minimize server costs.

Interviewing Angie Jones: Software quality, teaching test automation, and the inventor's mindset

In this episode, Angie Jones takes us through the ins and outs of automating software quality processes and how it's a craft of its' own, crucial in large-scale software building. With 15 years of first-hand experience automating software quality at companies such as IBM and Twitter, Angie shows us how building a product and testing it have a lot more in common than people think, and also some fundamental differences in mindset. We also discuss how she came to be a prolific inventor with more than 25 patents granted in the US and China.

Interviewing Lee Byron: Happy accidents, designing products and GraphQL

In this episode, Lee Byron takes us through his personal journey where curiosity, the desire to make things, and some happy accidents led him to change how we all think about APIs with GraphQL. We also discuss Open Source, designing products, and his recent move from Facebook to Robinhood.

Interviewing Reginald Braithwaite: Magic, intentionality and learning hard things

In our first episode, Reginald Braithwaite takes us through his early journey into technology, how and why he writes books, and the special kind of magic that is programming. We also discuss intentionality, ethics in software and, of course, coffee.